Install Heroes Of Might and Magic 3 on Ubuntu Linux

This is an other small tutorial on how to install a game on Ubuntu Linux. Until now I've already explained how to install Football Manager 2011 on Ubuntu and I've seen that a lot of people are entering on my blog looking how to do that.

I think that you know Heroes 3 and that you've played in Windows but the story and the game play is calling you to play it also in Linux, no? First we have to download and install this game.


I think that this is the easiest step, you just have to search on Google something like this download heroes 3 linux and I'm definitively sure that you'll find a site from which to download the game files ;).


After downloading the game you have to install it. If the *.iso file is compressed in a  *.bz2 file you have to uncompressed it. After that write in the Terminal this, after you go with cd command in the folder where the iso file is:

 sudo mount -t iso9660 -o loop HMM3-Linux.iso /mnt/fakecd  

In this moment the iso will be mounted on path /mnt/fakecd and the next step requires to go in this folder. After entering in the fakecd folder (it could have an other name if you want) install ksh program:

 sudo apt-get install ksh  

I need it this for running the setup like this:

 cd /mnt/fakecd  
 sudo ksh  

The installation will begin!
Choose "y" - yes for everything and at the end when you will get this

Would you like launch the game now? [Y/n] y
If you run a game as root, the preferences will be stored in
root's home directory instead of your user account directory.
Continue? [N/y] n

choose "n" - no.

Play the game

Enter with cd on path /usr/local/games/Heroes3/ and here just type heroes3:

 cd /usr/local/games/Heroes3/  

The game will hopefully start!

Note: if you get an error something like Heroes III requires at least 5 MB of free space on the current drive you have to delete the .loki folder from /home.

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