Ghici despre Cine e Vorba?

Ghici despre cine e vorba în descrierea de mai jos?

Generally they are short and dark-skinned. Many stink because they wear the same clothes for weeks. They construct shacks to live in on the outskirts. When they aspire to live in the city centre they rent ugly, run-down apartments; they appear at first, two of them looking for a room and a kitchen, and soon after a few days there are four of them, then six, eight, 10 and what have you.

They speak a language unintelligible, perhaps ancient dialects. Their children they use to beg with, while in front of the churches women and the old ask for pity in whimpering and irritating tones. They produce lots of children, struggling to keep them, while remaining strongly united among themselves.

It is said they are dedicated to thieving and, if confronted, violent. Our women ignore them because they are savage and repellent and it’s common knowledge that rape is widespread among [them].

The authorities have opened the frontiers of the country too easily and at the same time they have failed to identify those who come to work from those who intend to live either by expedients or crime.

 Report of the Inspector for Italian Immigration to the American Congress, 1912.

Nu aţi ghicit! Nu e vorba despre ţigani sau despre români aşa cum aţi crezut ci este vorba despre italieni

Mare tupeu au acuma italienii ăştia (sau unii italieni şi nu trebuie să generalizăm) şi ne fac în toate felurile de la criminali la proxeneţi aşa cum apare într-o melodie compusă de un nenorocit de radiotist. Ei oare nu-şi dau seama că economia lor a mers foarte bine pe spatele românilor?

Cred că articolul acesta ar trebui să fie citit de fiecare italian.

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